Hearing Aid Batteries

What’s My Battery Size?

All hearing aids run on batteries. There are four different sizes of
batteries used for different hearing aids. To figure out what size your aid takes, look at the coloured sticker on your battery. Feel free to refer to our Hearing Aid Battery Size Chart

Unless the impairment has been neglected too long or is exceptionally unusual, you can have improved hearing performance. As a general rule, the greater the hearing loss, the greater the need for a hearing aid.
However, the earlier a hearing loss is dealt with the better, as the longer a loss goes untouched/unaided the harder the adjustment will be to the hearing world again.
Wearing hearing aids in the early stages of hearing loss will make it easier for you to get accustomed to the somewhat changed sound that hearing aids produce. Also, hearing aids will help you to recapture certain words that have probably become less and less distinct as your hearing has deteriorated.
The higher-pitched sounds are the first to fade, including consonants like, s,f, and sh. It’s like reading a newspaper and having those letters missing. If your hearing loss becomes more severe, it may be possible to even distort your speech.