Hearing Aid Landmarks

When looking at the hearing aid you will notice there is a narrow part and a flat part. The narrow part goes down your ear canal and the flat part is seen from the outside. You will find the hearing aid battery door here.
There are two important pieces of the hearing aid that will help you figure out what way it is suppose to go in your ear. If you look at the faceplate (the flat part) you may see a button. This button should always be oriented towards the top of your ear.

Now that we know what should be at the top, it is important to know what should be at the bottom. If you look at the hearing aid you will see a hole that runs all the way through the hearing aid. This hole should be oriented towards the bottom portion of your ear.

hearing aid

To know which aid is for the left ear and which is for the right, there are colour markers for you. If you notice, there is printing on both of your hearing aids. (If you have the type of aid that goes behind your ear this does not apply) The printing that is in red tells you it is the right hearing aid. Therefore the one with blue printing is for the left ear.