The Importance of High Quality Hearing Aid Batteries

A vital requirement for ensuring you achieve maximum performance from your hearing aids is the use of high quality hearing aid batteries. Hearing aids are designed to work on a 1.4 volt button cell. These cells are available in four standard sizes: Size 10, Size 13, Size 312 and Size 675. Hearing Aid Batteries are produced by all of the expected North American battery manufacturers including Energizer, Duracell and Rayovac. Hearing aid batteries are also manufactured in Europe and Asia.

Many retailers will also carry no name or store brand batteries. It is often difficult to know who has manufactured these batteries and as a general rule they are of poor quality and reliability. Reliability is important so that your hearing aid does not run out of power in the middle of an important meeting or event. Independent research from various professional journals indicates that Rayovac hearing aid batteries produce a consistent and reliable high quality power source. This has been our experience as well and is the reason why we exclusively carry Rayovac Extra Advanced hearing aid batteries.