How to Insert a Hearing Aid

The best way to insert a hearing aid that goes completely in your ear is, to start off by looking for the landmarks, the button, the hole and the hearing aid battery door. Remember the button should be at the top, hole at the bottom.

  • Put your pointer finger at the top of the hearing aid (button) and your thumb at the bottom of the hearing aid (hole).
  • Once you have got your fingers in the right places pull the hearing aid back to your ear. As you bring the aid back to your ear point the pointy part at your nose. It sounds funny but it stops you from twisting or rotating the hearing aid.
  • Once you have found the opening of your ear canal, push the hearing aid in.
  • Use your thumb that is still on the bottom of the hearing aid to do the pushing.
  • You should not have to push hard or twist to get the hearing aid in the proper position in your ear.
  • If the aid does not go in the first time, take it out and start over. Get your fingers in the proper place and remember where to point the pointy part.