Size 312 Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries, 40 Pieces

Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries
Secured by Paypal 1.45 Volts
Zinc Air - Mercury Free
Made in U.S.A.
4 Year Shelf-life!

4 Batteries Per Package
Includes 10 Packages
TOTAL: 40 Batteries

$24.99 + $2.00 Shipping & Handling

Rayovac Extra Advanced hearing aid batteries are the highest quality hearing aid batteries available. These batteries provide one of the most consistent power streams of any hearing aid battery and have an exceptionally long battery life. They are produced by Rayovac in the USA using superior quality materials and are subject to 104 quality checks to ensure you get the same power and consistency out of every battery.

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